Korean Ginseng Drink

Korean Ginseng Drink
Are you feeling tired these days? Fatigue and allergy are a common symptom during a change of seasons. Especially with COVID-19, we are now concerned about our health more than ever. Besides eating healthy, consider trying a Korean energy drink to keep your immune system high. In this blog post, we gathered all-time famous Korean energy drinks for you to choose from.

Korean Ginseng is one of the most popular herbal medicine in the world. They are known to treat fatigue, lower blood sugar levels, enhance sexual behavior and boost the immune system. According to NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), Ginseng could prevent and treat influenza, raspatory virus, and even show the improvement of human lung condition after the influenza virus impact.

So, what is the difference between Red ginseng and White ginseng?


       (left)                                                                  (right)
 Korean White Ginseng Drink                          Korean Red Ginseng


Red ginseng went through the repeated process of steaming and drying which turns the color to red -brown. Traditionally it was done to preserve the ginseng longer but nowadays, it is to raise certain types of ginsenosides for different benefits. Red ginseng is more warming and energizing, and white ginseng considered to have more cooling and calming effects. This special ginseng energy drink comes with edible whole ginseng inside each bottle.




Damizle Ginseng Honey Jujube Tea comes in a convenient extract stick. Since we already talked about ginseng above, let’s focus on Jujube and honey here. You can easily increase the benefit of nutrition by pairing the right food (ingredients) to go with. Ginseng, Jujube with honey together can help with digestion discomfort, flu prevention, and raspatory system improvement. If you have insomnia from the stress – try this tea in a warm temperature before bedtime. It’s sweet and gentle aroma is known to boost serotonin level which reduces stress and will help you to get a night of better sleep.
    (left)                                                                (right)
Red Ginseng Honey jujube Tea                    Red  Ginseng Honey Ginger Tea
SanghwaCha (or SanghwaTang) is to bring the right balance and harmony to your body. As a common remedy for fatigue and cold sweats from flu, SSanghwacha’s name refers to energy from yin & yang and harmony. This drink has deep brown color from long hours of brewing with a hint of bittersweet flavor. It’s very effective if you are feeling weak during a change of season, and perfect for boosting the immune system. 

      Kwandong Ssanghwa Gold 3.3oz



Whal Myung Su is a carbonated herb drink. Its manufacturing started in 1897, and It is a very first Korean medication to collaborate with western medicine which developed for the Last King of Chosun dynasty at the time. Ever since then, Whal Myung Su became the most common staple for many Korean households to treat overeating, indigestion, and stomachs. 

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