About Yamamotoyama

About Yamamotoyama

In 1690, the Yamamoto family moved from Kyoto to the new capital of Edo, modern-day Tokyo, and established a tea shop.  Yamamotoyama is the oldest tea company and remains a family owned and operated, drawing from its rich heritage and vast expertise to provide healthy and deliciously innovative foods.  In fact, the Yamamoto family still serves the finest teas and seaweed-inspired cuisine from its store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, located in the same spot for over 330 years. (   To see the Products )

1690年、山本家は京都から新たな都である江戸、現在の東京日本橋に居を移し、茶屋を開きました。 山本山は日本最古の煎茶商として創業したと伝えられております。私たちの豊かな伝統と広範な専門知識から、健康的でおいしい画期的な食品を提供し続けています。山本山は、今も尚、同じ場所からクオリティを追及し、江戸の文化と味をお届けしていきます。



Yamamotoyama is proud to offer its exciting colorful Soy Wrappers™.  Create imaginative sushi, sandwich wraps, appetizers and desserts.  These healthy wrappers are made from natural ingredients, with no saturated fat, trans fat or cholesterol and are very low in carbohydrates and sodium.


カラフルなSoy Wrappers™(ソイラッパー)で、 創造性に富んだ寿司、サンドイッチラップ、前菜やデザートをお楽しみください。 このヘルシーなラッパーは、飽和脂肪酸、トランスファット、コレステロールを含有しない天然成分から作られており、炭水化物と塩分が非常に低くヘルシーな食材です。



Yamamotoyama is family owned and operated for over three centuries. This dedication to quality and experience is shown in the preparation of only the finest Japanese style green teas. Our leaves are plucked at peak freshness to capture each varietals’ distinct flavor. Whether enjoyed hot or over ice, we hope you love the taste of green tea steeped in history.




Yamamotoyama proudly offers premium roasted sushi nori seaweed. Using only the finest quality nori harvested from the ocean, the seaweed has an umami flavor and melts in your mouth. Enjoy as a sushi roll or by itself as a simply delicious healthy snack for you and your family.




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